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TCDTK Episode 12

Welcome to the show you guys. Andy is back again talking a bit about his upcoming surgery (actually in great detail so be warned it might get kind of gross, but funny none the less). Then we get into stress relief and guns. We discuss period movies and actors we don’t really care for. Moving on the television and dumb DVR machines. We talk about how the NFL is making it difficult for fantasy football players by rescheduling the opening game, crazy traffic at the university, and and getting autographs. A few more crazy tractor trailer accidents. Then moving on to our highlights of the week. Dub discovers, Andy talks about possibly after effects of his surgery, and The Kid talks cicada killers wars and putting out new antidotes. Finally we round out the ep by talking about how hot it is and possible cooling solutions for the studio. As always we hope you enjoy and please feel free to subscribe, rate, and even comment on the show.

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Also, just in case you were curious as to what a cicada killer was or if you never want to sleep again, here’s a picture!

And here’s one in action

Sorry if anyone had issues listening the week, but here is a new post of the podcast with working parts!

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