GDSP #41 - strangerains - Show me your vulnerable spaces.”

I’m very nervous about playing music for/in front of other people. Even people I’ve known my whole life. I’m not exactly self-conscious about it, I just don’t know how to do it very well and so I kind of get wiggly when I’m about to do it (read: horrifying stage fright).

Anyway… you want vulnerable? Heeeere’s vulnerable.

(Music - CAKE - The End of The Movie (cover) )

GDSP #41

This dude right here, this dude is my MCM (Man Crush of the Millennium) I have still yet to meet him, but one day it will happen and it will be glorious!

mortalcompass replied to your photo: Over a foot and still pouring down….

Sounds like you just got bum-loved by the same storm that bum-loved the heck out of us over here a few days ago.

I love every minute of it… And I love it even more because everyone else hates it!

mortalcompass replied to your photo: And were done! Lets go try this fucker out!…

I just got a hackboner. (Dont take a picture of that.)

well apparently I’m a terrible HAXOR. First unexposed print = forgot to tape big shiny metal bits. second unexposed print = crossed wires. Now the third unexposed print = research on how to know for sure if the sensor by the lens is actually getting power.

I may have just broken my new toy, but at least I learned a valuable lesson!

Your probably right, I just haven’t thought of that option yet. Thanks Dude!!!

Your probably right, I just haven’t thought of that option yet. Thanks Dude!!!

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Guest Directed Self Portrait #7 (Directed by mortalcompass)

I was originally going for an overhead shot, but I couldn’t get my gorillapod secured stably to my ceiling fan. However with the help of an old pack of rubber wristbands I found in my closet I was able to attach it to my bed post for quite an interesting angle. In the end this worked out for the best since the shot for going to sleep was a significantly longer exposure! Anywho here’s my submission for number seven, I hope you guys enjoy it!

EDIT: Yes, I am totally awake in the second picture… promise!

(Source: Flickr / thecrimsonbat)

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