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TCDTK Episode 15

Welcome to this week’s show you guys! Let me just start off by warning you guys, the audio in this weeks show is a little different from normal. It was too hot to record in the garage and we had to record in an big open room and it is noticeable. You may want to throw on a pair of headphones to listen. The good thing is, now I know this is an issue, I can learn to correct it in the future. So, this weeks episode is just dub and The Kid hanging out in the studio on a sweltering Sunday afternoon discussing the heat. We also are slightly interrupted by a summer thunderstorm and tell a few good lightning and flood stories. We talk a little about our recording projects of course our highlights of the week. The song at the end of the podcast this week is Asylum by The Kid’s former band of the same name! As always we hope you enjoy and please feel free to subscribe, rate, and even comment on the show.

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