Guest Directed Self Portrait #16

This is a damn fine prompt, Gazz. 

It seems daunting because at first glance, it seems like you need a bunch of fancy lights… but you just need to find a way to paint that light on your subject (you, that is.)

All great cinematographers/photographers are improvisers at heart: christmas lights and flashlights, pieces of paper, nylon, tin foil… just about anything you can find. Play… always play.

Good god… this was *improvised*… but I am glad I did it this way. :)

This is so wonderful and I really appreciate the fancy diagram, but I do have one question: Why is it, that in this diagram, everything resembles what it is supposed to represent except for you? You look suspiciously like a chinese takeout box… You are much prettier than a chinese takeout box, and I feel you should be represented as such!

Seriously though, great fucking job! Now, I should probably get off my lazy ass and catch up on this project.

But first, just a few more episodes of Batman: The Animated Series

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