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TCDTK- Episode 6

Welcome to episode 6 you guys. In today’s show we discuss The Kid’s visit to the doctor, kids today, life in prison, and video games. We also added a “Highlight of the Week” segment, and  talk about the National MS Society. As always we hope you guys like it, and please feel free to comment and even rate us on iTunes!

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Show Notes:

*Studio News

  • Vintage Lava Lamp
  • No More Broncos Flag
  • Now Available on iTunes

*The Kid goes to the Doctor

  • Mild Freak Out
  • Putting Things in Your Butt
  • Future Visits

*Getting Old- Nephews and Nieces Growing up

*Going to Prison

  • How do You Get By
  • Where do You Go From There
  • Working for Hoarders

*Weekly Highlight

  • The Kid’s Doctor Visits
  • Dub House sit at The Last House On The Left

*General Video Game Chat

  • Saints Row the Third
  • Different Consoles
  • Frustrations
  • Wii, Move, and Connect
  • Multiplayer shenanigans

*Multiple Sclerosis

Alright guys, you know what to do!

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